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Our Commitment to Safety

Our Commitment

This company is committed to a strong program that protects its workers, property, and the public from accidental loss.

The management at Ryson Interior Construction Ltd. is committed to the leadership of this safety program and the development of proper attitudes towards health and safety at the work place by all personnel. All employees and subcontractors are expected to participate in all aspects of this safety program, including compliance with all rules and regulations and performing their duties in accordance with established job procedures and safe work practices.

All employees and sub-contractors shall attend and participate in bi-weekly toolbox meetings. JOHS meetings shall take place when legislated numbers on site are met & attended by all Sub reps on a monthly basis.

Every individual shall be held accountable and directly responsible for safety at the work place. Promoting safety awareness and setting a good example shall be everyone’s responsibility.

Through a cooperative effort, this safety program can be maintained and preserved in everyone’s best interest. The objective is an injury and accident free work place.

Management at Ryson Interior Construction Ltd. will work in consultation and in cooperation with our employees in all aspects of our Safety Program.

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Commitment to Safety